Most effective mayor ever

Rob Ford, quoted in article by The Sun’s Don Peat:

Ford bristled at the suggestion the proposed hikes for garbage and water rates in 2011, is in effect, a tax hike on Toronto residents.

“It’s not fair because I haven’t even been able to deal with garbage,” Ford said. “In 25 days I’ve done more than any mayor has in seven, eight years.

“The garbage fee will be taken care of when I contract out garbage. This year I just haven’t had time to do it. I can’t abolish something that I haven’t had time to work with,” he said.

Two things: Any mayor ever? and Ford’s fiscal planning is like watching a car crash slowly. In a couple of years, the city’s only major revenue source will be property taxes and user fees. By then there won’t be lingering surpluses or reserves to raid to patch up budget shortfalls. The rest sort of writes itself.

But, who cares? I am really excited about getting a giant garbage bin for cheap!

Source: Ford’s got the pedal to the metal | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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