Government is fun and easy

Lawrence Solomon in a column for the Financial Post. The Mayor liked this one so much he directed it to be posted on his Twitter account:

For all his lack of exterior polish and inability to slick talk, Ford has so far demonstrated the freshest mind of any mayor in recent history. His simple little idea to colour-code street curbs — red means no parking, green means park and pay and yellow means read the signs — will inexpensively relieve sidewalks of cluttering and confusing signs.

via Lawrence Solomon: Toronto’s not-so-tiny but nearly perfect mayor | FP Comment | Financial Post.

The whole thing is terrible, basically amounting to a conservative fantasy. Everything would be cheaper and better, he says, if only government and bureaucrats would get out of the way. Sure.

The colour-coded curb things is funny both because I thought it was one of those forgotten parts of Ford’s platform — a bit disqualified because no one liked it — and because Solomon lives in the Annex, where the opposition to the city coming in and painting their curbs a healthy shade of yellow would be ridiculously loud.


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