Cut gravy, not programs

The National Post’s Natalie Alcoba must have brought a tape recorder to today’s budget meeting, because she’s got a great transcript of Doug Ford’s rant, aimed squarely at left-leaning councillors:

And for my colleagues to get up and do their political grandstanding, as I said, when they were in charge for the last seven years wasting money day in and day out and putting … in debt, and paying $446-million on interest, that we could be reallocating some of that to the police, in support of the police, I find appalling. And it’s been going on all week. Another colleague was comparing the librarians, that they should be at the same level as the police. That’s the mindset that we have here. Spend, spend, spend. Tax, tax, tax. Zero accountability. We’re in the position that because of the spending that has happened in the last seven years…

via ‘There is a procedure for being offended’: Councillors spar in committee meeting | Posted Toronto | National Post.

Aw, it’s so hard to be a law-and-order politician and a government shrinker when people won’t stop whining about their libraries.

You promised to cut gravy, not programs, councillor. People are just trying to hold you to your word.


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