Such a cliché

The Posted Toronto Political Panel is quite interesting this week. Jonathan Goldsbie makes a similar point to the one I made below regarding people who blindly criticize city spending: “No more abstractions: name names, please.” Chris Selley works the middle, though still seems way too eager to accept TTC service cuts even after the TTC has admitted they may have goofed on the numbers. I did appreciate this: “demanding nothing be cut would be completely in keeping with Ford’s campaign promises.” Others seem to have missed that in no way did Toronto vote for a government that delivers fewer services.

New panelist Matt Gurney, on the other hand, has himself pegged:

I’d probably blow up Housing, which is due for a reckoning (what it gets reduced to, though, is anyone’s guess). I hate to be a right-wing bogeyman, but since I’m not tying my hopes for a majority to Quebec, I’d go after the culture spending and job creation programs, too — if we’re a world-class city, we can sustain a diverse culture and economy without the government being involved (the horror). And I’m all for privatizing and contracting out, obviously. Man, I’m such a cliché.

via Posted Toronto Political Panel: Solving Rob Ford’s budget dilemma | Posted Toronto | National Post.

Cliché indeed.


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