Just making sure they don’t have fatal health problems

Don Peat with the Sun:

TTC employees got a warning this week Mayor Rob Ford may be dropping by to make sure no one is sleeping on the job.

TTC management recorded a phone message for collectors Monday saying the mayor and some city councillors will be visiting TTC stations and some work sites.


Sleeping on the job sparked a public relations nightmare for the TTC last year when, just weeks into a 25-cent fare hike, a frustrated rider snapped a picture of a collector sleeping inside his booth.

via Mayor Ford is coming, stop sleeping: TTC | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

Far be it from me to question a customer service initiative — and, yes, anything to get the mayor out of his car and into a subway station — but shouldn’t this article mention that the ultimate outcome of the “frustrated rider [snapping] a picture of a collector sleeping inside his booth” was that the man, George Robitaille, died due to chronic health issues?

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