Are we ready for some football?

Via CityNews with no byline, probably because they’re just summarizing a story from the Toronto Sun:

The Fords believe Toronto should move an existing team here or try for an expansion team.

The mayor said the NFL would need a new domed stadium because the 46,374-seat capacity at the Rogers Centre, where the Buffalo Bills have played, simply isn’t big enough to accommodate the American game. Ford believes a new facility would fit well at Downsview and told the paper he believes the federal government would be on side with his plan “in a heartbeat”.

via Mayor & Brother Want NFL In Toronto In A New Stadium – CityNews.

When I first read this, I figured it was just Doug rambling on about a pet issue of his. But the Toronto Sun cover photo of the mayor squatting over a football with his brother takes this story to a whole other level of weird.

I don’t think there’s much sense in getting all up in arms over an early draft hypothetical plan to bring an NFL team and stadium to Downsview, especially as they’re not committing city dollars to the idea. I’m not intrinsically opposed to such a thing. But on the other hand, is this really our priority? Is the expectation that the federal government would be open to funding a Toronto NFL stadium at all realistic given the recent Quebec City NHL stadium debacle? And won’t all this theatricality just serve to piss off the CFL?

Kudos to Ford’s communication team for successfully distracting people from the 2011 budget process for a day.

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