TTC to 250,000 riders: sorry about your bus route

Gary Webster visited Matt Galloway on CBC Radio this morning, and dropped a bomb of a number relating to the TTC’s proposed route cuts:

Speaking to CBC’s Metro Morning on Wednesday, TTC general manager Gary Webster said he estimates “there are about 250,000 people that will be affected” by the changes.

via CBC News – Toronto – Bus cuts will affect a quarter million: TTC manager.

It hasn’t been a good week for the TTC. In addition to Webster plainly stating that a quarter of a million people are (at best) going to be inconvenienced by the proposed route cuts, the TTC’s public consultations regarding the route cuts have been very poorly received.

TTC "Consultation" is BS. It is an open house not opportunity to hear from public . #TTC #TOBudget

To be fair, I guess, who could have known that throwing a bunch of signs up in a room and calling it a ‘consultation’ wouldn’t go over well?

Laurence Lui has a great post today outlining a potential compromise solution, establishing a new service standard that still might save some money. But as Joe Fiorito at The Star points out, trying to have conversations about ridership, service levels and transit-as-a-public-good is fruitless in the face of cuts that are 100% political.

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