TTC to 250,000 riders: sorry about your bus route

Gary Webster visited Matt Galloway on CBC Radio this morning, and dropped a bomb of a number relating to the TTC’s proposed route cuts:

Speaking to CBC’s Metro Morning on Wednesday, TTC general manager Gary Webster said he estimates “there are about 250,000 people that will be affected” by the changes.

via CBC News – Toronto – Bus cuts will affect a quarter million: TTC manager.

It hasn’t been a good week for the TTC. In addition to Webster plainly stating that a quarter of a million people are (at best) going to be inconvenienced by the proposed route cuts, the TTC’s public consultations regarding the route cuts have been very poorly received.

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To be fair, I guess, who could have known that throwing a bunch of signs up in a room and calling it a ‘consultation’ wouldn’t go over well?

Laurence Lui has a great post today outlining a potential compromise solution, establishing a new service standard that still might save some money. But as Joe Fiorito at The Star points out, trying to have conversations about ridership, service levels and transit-as-a-public-good is fruitless in the face of cuts that are 100% political.

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