A great deal of effort to accomplish little

Steve Munro, whose great blog turned five years old yesterday, on yesterday’s story that the bus route cuts were being scaled back:

There’s some budget hocus-pocus going on with the TTC’s original claim of a $7m saving from the cuts.  That was a 9-month figure assuming the change went into effect on March 27.  About $1m in savings were given up by deferring the change until May 8, and a few million more have already been dedicated to service improvements in January 2011.  This doesn’t leave a lot for additional service in fall 2011, let alone for those changes to roll out for a full year in 2012.

While “efficiency” is worth looking for, we seem to have spent a great deal of effort to accomplish very little.

via Not Quite So Many Service Cuts | Steve Munro.

“A great deal of effort to accomplish very little” is a good way to describe much of the budget process this year.

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