Doug Ford might be provincial

Anna Mehler Paperny with the Globe & Mail:

Doug Ford won’t rule out a provincial run in 2011 – and he says the Etobicoke North residents he has represented as councillor for barely four months shouldn’t be worried he’s considering jumping ship to run for the Progressive Conservatives.

“The residents, I represent them if I run provincially or if I’m a city councillor. But I’m going to focus as a city councillor right now.”

via Mayor’s right hand Doug Ford hints at bid for Ontario Tories – The Globe and Mail.

I don’t think he’ll do it, but I suppose stranger things have happened. It’s hard to imagine Mayor Rob Ford without Nick Kouvalis and his brother. I’m not sure he’d know what to do with himself.

Some people are really pushing the idea that the 416 is totally ripe for the Conservative Party, both provincially and federally. I’m not sure I buy that. The problem with pure populism — the kind that promises better services at a lower cost, and also cheaper beer while we’re at it — is that it inevitably blows up. Promises can’t hold. I think Ford supporters are already starting to see the true face of Ford’s populism, and I think it will get even worse as we approach the 2012 budget.

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