Toronto Council Curveball: Amendment to budget would retain services

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Fresh from Twitter, today’s special council session regarding the 2011 budget kicked off with a bang as Councillor Gord Perks moved a motion that would see a 3.5 million property tax levy. This would retain services — preventing the proposed cuts to public health, bus routes, etc. — and cost the vast majority of taxpayers less than $10 this year.

Shrewd move. It puts Team Ford in the awkward position of having to argue that $10 (or less) per year is an unfair tax burden. But then this is the administration that’s sympathetic to people who whine about having to pay a nickel for a plastic bag.

You can stream council online or follow the #TOCouncil hashtag on Twitter for updates.

UPDATE: And the motion has failed, 18-27. Breakdown on votes will be very interesting.

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