Toronto Council Curveball: Amendment to budget would retain services

Gord Perks has moved to increase property taxes about 0.15pct to avoid service cuts. Fletcher, Matlow in support so far.
Daniel Dale

Fresh from Twitter, today’s special council session regarding the 2011 budget kicked off with a bang as Councillor Gord Perks moved a motion that would see a 3.5 million property tax levy. This would retain services — preventing the proposed cuts to public health, bus routes, etc. — and cost the vast majority of taxpayers less than $10 this year.

Shrewd move. It puts Team Ford in the awkward position of having to argue that $10 (or less) per year is an unfair tax burden. But then this is the administration that’s sympathetic to people who whine about having to pay a nickel for a plastic bag.

You can stream council online or follow the #TOCouncil hashtag on Twitter for updates.

UPDATE: And the motion has failed, 18-27. Breakdown on votes will be very interesting.

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