Ford vows to campaign against McGuinty if City isn’t given money it apparently doesn’t need

Twisted and twisted. More fall-out from Ford’s letter to the province asking for money.

Anna Mehler Paperny:

While Mr. Ford insisted he doesn’t want to blame other levels of government for the city’s financial woes – something he accused his predecessor David Miller of doing too often – he said that if the province isn’t forthcoming with cash, he’d have “no other choice.”

“If I need help from the province then I’ll ask for their help. And if they choose not to help us, then I have no other choice but to get out, as I call it, ‘Ford nation’ and make sure they’re not re-elected in the next election.”

via Toronto mayor vows to campaign against Liberals if province won’t boost funds – The Globe and Mail.

What a scumbag move. He still won’t admit that the city needs provincial money but, also, he’ll campaign against McGuinty if he doesn’t get it. Meanwhile Tim Hudak has made no indication that his government would provide funding for Toronto.


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