Speaking instead of the mayor, not for the mayor

Meanwhile, the Globe & Mail’s Anna Mehler Paperny has a cute quote from Doug Ford in her article about the TCHC spending brouhaha:

Meanwhile, both Mr. Ford and his councillor brother Doug Ford were circumspect about what they’d like to do with the housing corporation, which they said earlier this week deserves a complete overhaul.

That could mean a tighter municipal leash for the TCHC and other arms-length agencies, boards and commissions.

“Personally, I would [like to see direct oversight],” Doug Ford said. “I’m not speaking for the mayor, but Doug Ford would like to have more control over these ABCs.”

via Firm behind controversial housing contract defends its work – The Globe and Mail.

I like that, reading between the lines, you can see the moment where he realized that he was speaking for the mayor and then decided to make it really really clear that he wasn’t.

It will also be interesting to see Toronto politicians simultaneously argue for more oversight and control while pushing for privatization of city programs. That’s a hell of a magic trick.

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