“Just do what Rob Ford wants and no one gets hurt”

Chris Selley, in this week’s Posted Toronto Political Panel breaks down why the concept of a ‘Tea Party North’, building on the momentum of the ‘Ford Nation’, is more than a little ridiculous:

But lest we forget, we’re talking about “Ford Nation” these days because Rob “One Taxpayer” Ford, having cut taxes to his own constituents, asked the province for more taxpayer money, didn’t get it, and immediately started issuing threats. What’s the motto of this principled new organization? “Just do what Rob Ford wants and no one gets hurt”?

via Posted Toronto Political Panel: Can Ford Nation be Canada’s Tea Party? | Posted Toronto | National Post.

Jonathan Goldsbie makes a good point as well, writing that any ‘Tea Party North’-type organization will just become “a redundant clone of the already-well-established Canadian Taxpayers Federation.” The CTF, if you aren’t aware, is a boring organization led by Kevin Gaudet. Whenever a journalist needs a “Taxes are bad!” quote, they go to Gaudet.

Matt Gurney was also part of this week’s Posted Toronto Political Panel.

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