How the TCHC vote went down: A City Council Scorecard Update

Toronto Council Scorecard

The March 13, 2011 City Council Scorecard is available for download (PDF).

After some internal debate, I’ve updated the City Council Scorecard to reflect last week’s council sessions. Only one vote was ultimately added: the final vote on whether to dissolve the TCHC board and appoint Case Ootes as Managing Director in their place. I considered adding other votes — notably Kristyn Wong-Tam’s compromise amendment and Shelley Carroll’s motion for tighter financial controls — but none, in my opinion, could be considered ‘major.’ If you’re curious to see what Rob Ford voted against last week, I’ve compiled a list. I’ve also indicated who from “Team Ford” broke ranks and voted against the “whip.”

Notes & Updates:

  • With their votes against the mayor, Josh Matlow & Ana Bailão saw their “Ford Nation” percentages decrease. Josh Colle, Mary-Margaret McMahon and Chin Lee voted with the mayor. Colle, Matlow and McMahon are all at 60% and represent probably the purest ‘swing vote’ on council.
  • I’ve added colour-coding next to councillor names in the leftmost column to indicate the generally-accepted affiliation of councillors. Light blue for Ford loyalists, orange for the swing vote middle and bike-riding pink for the opposition. I’ve perhaps been premature in my putting Cho in with the opposition, but I feel pretty confident he’ll stay there. Yes, this kind of labelling promotes partisanship and divisiveness. Council would totally work together if not for this kind of damaging rhetoric.
  • I’ve also added vote totals for each item at the bottom, just for the hell of it.

The next council meeting is April 12 & 13. If you have any questions, comments or requests, let me know.


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