Will anyone care about Ford’s campaign financing problems?

I have to give kudos to the people who have been digging into the irregularities found in Rob Ford’s reported campaign expenses. John Lorinc at the Globe & Mail has been lighting it up with well-researched articles that ask tough questions. And Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler and Max Reed have produced a remarkably comprehensive and well-written complaint, which has now been submitted to the city’s Compliance Audit Committee. It should get results.

Still, though, I’m not sure any of this will amount to much in the long-term. These allegations, if proven, will probably result in a fine. And that’s good — and fair — but I doubt a monetary penalty levied against the mayor is going to arouse much attention from the general public. I also doubt anyone could argue that Ford’s conduct with regard to campaign financing dramatically altered the outcome of the election.

The underlying theme to these stories seems to go something like this: Rob Ford is reckless. He has no time for technicalities or process. He tosses aside the rules in favour of going with his gut. He acts first and thinks later.

But none of that is surprising. We already know all these things about Rob Ford. Hell, for some of his supporters, these are the reasons they like him so much.

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