Having achieved his vision for Toronto, Ford looks to abolish ‘bag tax’

The Toronto Sun’s Don Peat reports that Ford is mulling over getting rid of the mandatory five cent fee for plastic bags:

“I think we’re going to deal with that but again there was more important things to do,” he said. “Obviously, contracting out garbage and everything we’ve done in the first six months, I think, and again I can’t say for sure, I think we’ll get around to it this year.

“I’ll try, I can’t guarantee it, but we’ll try to get rid of that five-cent bag tax.”

via Ford targets bag tax | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

There’s something almost endearing about this. The mayor feels, six months into his term, that he’s coming to the end of his mayoral to-do list. His vision achieved, he’ll turn to the “small stuff” like the Jarvis Street bike lanes and the five cent fee on plastic bags.

And after that? Well, I guess there’s still the land transfer tax and the fair wage policy. And, if there’s still time: Moving marathons to parks, replacing streetcars with buses, eliminating 22 city council seats, and getting us that NFL team.

But first: removing the so-called bag tax. Priorities.

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