The mayor laughed heartily

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale attended a fundraiser for the man who would be Councillor Maria Augimeri’s challenger on Wednesday night. Also in attendance was Mayor Rob Ford, whose star power burned bright enough to draw some 50 attendees to the $300-a-head event.

Dale got a great quote from Ford in a brief interview:

In a brief but unmistakably campaign-style speech, Ford called the appeal “just a temporary setback” and [Gus] Cusimano “the next councillor in Ward 9.”

Asked later whether the speech was appropriate given that a new election has not been called, Ford paused, then said, “I can pretty much say what I want, right?” He then laughed heartily.

via No Ward 9 byelection? Doesn’t matter to Mayor Ford – (Emphasis added.)

I really do wish he talked to the media more often. It’d be fun.

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