Ford to skip another Pride event

Xtra’s Rob Salerno:

Toronto city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam told the audience at the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans Youth Line Community Youth Awards Gala Friday night that Mayor Rob Ford’s office has confirmed that he will not attend the ceremonial raising of the pride flag at City Hall on June 27.

Ford will be sending council speaker Frances Nunziata in his stead, Wong-Tam says.

Wong-Tam did not give a reason for the Mayor’s absence.

via Ford won’t attend Pride flag ceremony.

I think any narrative that says Rob Ford is a homophobe is overly simplistic and mostly wrong, but he’s sure making it easy for opponents to tag him with the label.

To be fair, the mayor skips a lot of public events compared to his predecessor. But given Pride’s importance to city tourism and its status as a marquee event for Toronto, the continued lack of action seems troubling.

As mayor, he’s found time to attend numerous events relating to football.


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