Toronto Spoke: “I choose to feel hopeful,” says Kim Fry

Beginning at 9:30 a.m. and extending through to the next morning, the City of Toronto’s Executive Committee — led by Mayor Rob Ford — heard more than one hundred and fifty deputations from a diverse group of citizens. In a sincere bid to ensure that the passion, insight and creativity displayed over the course of that epic meeting is not forgotten, Ford For Toronto will be posting a deputation video every weekday for the month of August.

Deputant: Kim Fry

Occupation: Masters of Education student

Political History: Nothing formal, though seems to have kept herself involved in various causes over the years

Scheduled Speaker No.: 18; Actual Speaker No.: 11

Note: Mayor Rob Ford’s Diefenbaker joke made toward the end of this video just might be the wittiest thing he’s ever said in public

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