Jan 11

Ford the Candidate versus Ford the Mayor

Ford the Candidate:

100 additional frontline police officers will be hired

via Rob Ford for Mayor 2010 | Stopping the Waste and Getting Spending Under Control

Ford the Mayor:

Ford promised during the campaign to boost the police force by 50 officers this year. But he later abandoned the pledge, and police board chair Alok Mukherjee said he believed Ford was on board with Blair’s money-saving but force-shrinking plan.

The new police budget request of $905.9 million, approved by the board Tuesday afternoon, is $9 million smaller than the one with which Ford had publicly expressed unhappiness on Monday. Of the savings, $7.6 million comes from deferring the replacement of all officers and civilian employees who leave the service this year.

via A new budget day: fare hike off, no 2011 police hires – thestar.com.

The new budget will actually reduce the number of police officers on the street by approximately 200. I’m not particularly opposed to the plan, but it’s certainly an about-face. Why is this ‘mandate’ so malleable where others are not?