Jan 11

Cutting a lot to save a little

Torontoist, under new editorial Hamutal Dotan, has really ramped up their city council coverage. It’s a welcome change. Their new series ‘Balancing Act’ takes a look at government claims, and tells us whether or not they’re total bullshit.

Here’s Emily Shepard on the proposed user fee increases in 2011:

But the biggest hit will come to those who attend programs at priority centres: twenty-one community centres and pools around the city that offer their programming for free. Eight of these centres are located in one of Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods. Adults would have to start paying for programs at priority centres under the 2011 budget, at an average cost of $68 per nine-week class.

via Balancing Act: User Fees – Torontoist.

Sheppard points out that it would cost only $200,000 to continue to provide free access to residents in priority neighbourhoods. This move smells like it’s driven more by ideology than fiscal prudence.

While you’re over at Torontoist, check out their coverage of yesterday’s football non-story too.