Serious, structural problem with transit funding in Toronto

Steve Munro’s review of the 2011 TTC capital budget is, as usual, hyper-detailed and may seem impenetrable to people who aren’t transit geeks, but the last section (“A Few Parting Words”) is an important read for anyone who cares about the future of transit in this city:

Couple this with a municipal regime whose raison-d’être is to constrain spending, the possibility of a new government at Queen’s Park, and an economic climate that makes the boomtown days of transit spending a very distant memory, and we have a recipe for very serious problems in transit financing.  Some may argue for private sector intervention.  This may address some issues, and I say “may” only because we have yet to experience a London-style meltdown of a PPP here, but it will not eliminate the problem.

via TTC 2011 Capital Budget | Steve Munro.

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