Taxes make ‘for a healthier, better and more equitable city’

Andrew Ardizzi over at brings us a report of a budgt consultation meeting held in Ward 18 (repped by Ana Bailão, whose tilde seems to come and go) with this delightful bit of oratory from local resident Franz Hartmann:

Hartmann said Toronto has one of the lowest property tax rates in Ontario, and he enjoys paying them because it makes for a healthier, better, and more equitable city. The current budget proposal does not include a property tax increase for 2011.

“I personally have no problem paying more property tax if I know that woman over there will have a chance of having subsidized day care,” he said.

via InsideToronto Article: Subsidized day care, bus route changes highlighted at Ward 18 budget meeting.

He’s bang on, of course. But InsideToronto probably should have mentioned that Hartmann is also the Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance. (He’s either that or a turn-of-the-century German physicist.)

Interesting to see the media report on this kind of community perspective. They also quote a resident saying that scrapping the vehicle registration fee was ‘outrageous.’ It’s bizarro world. In a good way.

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