Strategy in the mayor’s office: identify subversive elements and crush them

Torontoist’s Hamutal Dotan writes a good piece on the aforementioned Globe & Mail article, highlighting the other ridiculous part of the interview with I-assure-you-he’s-not-the-Mayor Doug Ford:

More distressing than the lament about the perils of voting and council debate, however, was when Doug Ford went on to object to the recent OCAP protest at City Hall—not the fact that it disrupted a meeting, but that the protesters apparently were considered a legitimate part of public debate in the first place. “Some of those folks are actually getting grants from the city to lobby against the government…I just don’t understand.”

That’s what we do in a democracy, Doug: we fund our opponents. Ensuring opponents have a voice is, roughly speaking, the whole point.

via The Brothers Ford Are Concerned About Democracy – Torontoist.

There’s been a witch hunt vibe coming from the Mayor’s Office lately. See also this Sun-Ann Levy column where she goes to great lengths to identify all the councillors who attended a CUPE meeting last week, held in response to the mayor’s call to privatize garbage. Apparently it isn’t possible to attend such meetings simply to get an understanding of both sides of an issue – instead anyone there must be a union-loving traitor who hates taxpayers.

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