Budget Chief Del Grande admits city has revenue problem

The Globe & Mail’s Ana Mehler Paperny profiles budget chief Mike Del Grande, who waxes philosophically about the city’s small share of overall tax revenue:

“Out of every dollar that people pay in taxes, the city gets, I think, about six cents,” he says. “We get more than six cents when the federal government or the provincial government tosses us a bone, but the problem with tossing bones is that they’re not consistent. There’s no reliability.”

If his talk of what he calls “a new deal with cities” from the province and the feds sounds familiar, it’s because former mayor David Miller had a similar refrain. Mr. Miller argued incessantly that Toronto’s systemic funding challenges stem from senior levels of government not stepping up to the municipal funding plate. Mr. Miller campaigned tirelessly and fruitlessly for a penny of the GST.

via The quandary facing Rob Ford’s budget chief – The Globe and Mail.

Sure would have been nice for more people to acknowledge this during the election.

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