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Writing a column for the My Town Crier newspaper, Councillor Josh Colle lays out a good argument for the importance of building rapid transit on Eglinton Avenue:

It seems that anyone and everyone equipped with a pen, napkin and visions of transit lines criss-crossing the city has become an expert and is pushing one preferred transit plan over another. The fact of the matter is that Toronto can no longer afford only to talk and plan. The time for action is now and the most obvious starting point for a new era of transit building is Eglinton Avenue.

While Mayor Rob Ford has committed to additional tunnelling on the proposed Eglinton line beyond Laird Avenue, all parties involved agree that this is a priority project. The provincial funding is in place, Metrolinx and the TTC are working collaboratively on the design and planning of a line, the mayor is very supportive, and businesses and residents along the route want the line now.

via Let’s make rapid transit on Eglinton a reality now – TownNEWS – MyTownCrier.ca – the online home of Toronto’s Town Crier Group of Community Newspapers.

He takes enormous care to gloss over the fact that there is only one person who has stood between the Eglinton LRT and its construction: Mayor Rob Ford. These delays aren’t the result of  bureaucratic wrangling, but rather a new mayor who has opposed the line.

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