“Mr. Ford varies from day to day”

Councillor Josh Matlow in the latest update to his (really very good) City Hall Diary:

To be candid, my opinion of Mr. Ford varies from day to day — he can come across as stubborn, bullying and intellectually dishonest. However, he can also be sincere, shy, caring and show an enlightened willingness to compromise.

via A chat with Ford’s arts guy – thestar.com.

I wonder if it’s Matlow’s opinions that change day-to-day or if it’s just that Ford is an erratic personality.

As far as arts funding and Jeff Melanson go, I’m definitely willing to give him a chance to prove himself, but the comment he left on Torontoist’s Nuit Blanche post wasn’t really a great way to kick things off.

What bothers me most is the assumed double standard surrounding the new mayor. When David Miller had a stupid opinion, people took him to task for it. He should know better. When Rob Ford has a stupid opinion, everyone just has to accept it and work around it.

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