Transit Cuts Deferred to February Meeting; City operates via longhand

David Nickle with InsideToronto:

The Toronto Transit Commission has voted postpone plans to slash off-peak service on 48 bus routes across the city.
The controversial plan emerged earlier this week, as TTC staff hurried to put together operating and capital budgets for the city’s 2011 accelerated budget process.

via InsideToronto Article: TTC delays decision to cut off-peak service on some city bus routes.

What they don’t mention in the article is, as revealed in a tweet from Councillor Josh Matlow, the amendment was deferred via a handwritten note. Which leads me to wonder if they actually were using an old-style overhead projector for this meeting or if they actually scanned in the handwritten note. In either case: damn.

The deferral is welcome news, as I’m convinced these cuts were not well thought out. I’d argue that we should demand a list of proposed service increases that are to come into effect in September before we accept any reduction in service this winter.

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