Local councillor knows little of existing transit plans for his ward

Over at Torontoist, Desmond Cole hits a home run with a piece on Finch West’s transit troubles. Notably, he gets Councillor James Pasternak on the record as having no idea about the specifics of the proposed Finch West LRT line. A project that was, until the Transit City plan was famously threatened, slated to run through his ward:

Councillor James Pasternak (Ward 10, York Centre) […] spoke at length about his opposition to an LRT on Finch, saying repeatedly that the plan would “remove [traffic] lanes from system roadways.” Pasternak seemed genuinely surprised when we insisted that the environmental assesment for the Finch LRT contains no lane reductions, as the roadway would be widened to accommodate the rail line while preserving the existing number of traffic lanes.

via The Transit Crunch on Finch West – Torontoist

Nice one. Pasternak goes on to argue instead for a Sheppard West subway extension for some reason.

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