“What’s wrong with running a city like a business?”

Former City Councillor Brian Ashton writes an editorial for the Toronto Sun:

So what’s wrong with running a city like a business? Nothing if you don’t object to becoming a consumer and not a citizen. Nothing if the worth of your service is measured by your ability to pay and not your needs. Why not cut under-performing TTC routes while leaving those without cars to their own devices?

For many that voted to stop the gravy train, it meant eliminating waste, rejecting public sector entitlement, and limiting government expansion.

But for the Fords, it means much more.

via City Hall shakeup starts now: Ashton | Comment | Toronto Sun.

Very good points.

I continue to be baffled by those who claim Ford has any kind of a mandate to make deep cuts to city services. He doesn’t. He has a mandate to save 1.7 billion dollars from the city’s operating budget through cuts to waste and inefficiency. We’re waiting.

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