An idea, not a plan

The National Post’s Chris Selley, as part of this week’s Posted Toronto Political Panel discussing the big transit news:

But this idea is not a suitable replacement for the plan that came before it, because none of the objections to that plan are reasonable enough to risk — to almost guarantee, in fact — getting absolutely nothing instead.

via Posted Toronto Political Panel: Toronto’s transit woes | Posted Toronto | National Post.

Bang on.

On another note: I listened to the February 17th edition of the Posted Toronto Podcast on my way to work this morning, where Matt Gurney, Ron Wadden and others discussed the same issue and it blew my mind. They essentially argued that Ford’s idea was a good one, as it’s just important that “something get built.”

I think people gloss over how close we were to having shovels in the ground. The Ford team hasn’t done anything that will bring transit expansion closer to reality — instead they’ve stood in the way of progress.

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