Stalled Transit plan has 160 city workers in limbo

Peter Kuitenbrouwer with the National Post touches on a question I’ve been wondering about:

And we still have those 160-odd employees at the TTC, working on the Project-Formerly-Known-As-Transit-City, with neither the TTC, the mayor’s office nor Metrolinx able to explain what, precisely, these 160 people are doing right now to earn their daily bread.

via Peter Kuitenbrouwer: Earth to Rob Ford | Posted Toronto | National Post.

Despite all the talk of the privately funded Sheppard subway, the mayor’s full “Transportation City” plan has not been unveiled and no one is entirely clear what exactly is going forward. These workers could, I guess, be working on drafting plans for a fully underground Eglinton LRT but why keep that secret? What is the hold up?

The revised transit plan was originally scheduled to be revealed in late January.

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