Ford For Toronto: now at

Moved to Metro

As of today, all new content for Ford For Toronto can be found at the brand new

What does this mean for you, the reader? Not a whole lot. You’ll still get the same brand of snarky, chart-filled posts you’ve come to expect. My City Hall nerdery and would-be punditry will continue. If anything, you’ll get a whole lot more of me.

The team at Metro and I have been working on this for a while now and I’m excited about what we’ve set up. In addition to the same content you’re used to, you’ll see my writing and graphics in the print edition of Metro on a semi-regular basis.

All archive content will remain here, so there won’t be any broken links or search engine results. and will redirect to the new site once the DNS updates. You can still follow me on Twitter at @GraphicMatt or receive site updates at @FordForToronto.

If you’ve liked what I’ve done over the past year, it’s good news – Ford For Toronto will keep rolling as it always has. If you’ve hated what I’ve done – well, then, at least now you’ve got a comments section.

Thanks, as always, for reading.


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